My experience with Alisa was very special. She taught me many things I never knew in business and I have been an entrepreneur for 10 years. I feel like I became a better business woman after investing in her. I now feel very comfortable doing alot of the things I was scared to do prior to working with her. Each week we came up with more things I needed to tackle to get all my systems finalized and all my goals met. Alisa was always there and available to help me. We launched a new side of my business also so that I could create a sales channel for passive income. My business is more mature now that I have implemented everything that Alisa has taught me. So thankful!
— Lindsey Mickelson, Creator and Owner of Mothersun and the Captain

”Alisa is rock solid. I have known her personally for about 15 years, but reached out to her because I was at a plateau in my business, and was looking for someone who could help me reignite the fire. I hired her as a 1:1 business coach 3 months ago and cannot believe how my business has transformed in just 90 days! I have added about 3 more sources of income to business, and have learned how to create another funnel for passive income every single month. I’m a mother of 2 (8 months & 4 years old) and my time is limited. Alisa helped me learn to the tools to maximize my business so that I can create the income I want, while being with my children as a full time SAHM.
— Megan McCann, Coach - MeganMcCannYoga.com
After completing the 90 Day Signature 1 on 1 Program, I got busy with my day-to-day to do’s in running my businesses, and kept saying to myself “I’ll get to it, I’ll get to it....” which, guess what? Four months later I still had not. During that time, a fellow entrepreneur casually said “Zohe, you know what you should be doing? You should...........”. That’s genius I thought! Well, guess what, it was what Alisa had been seeing (in me) all along. What was holding me back?!

THEN, what was a game changer for me is when I heard Alisa on one of her Facebook live videos talk about fear holding us back, and to not worry about it being an “all-or-nothing” leap. That was a paradigm shift for me. As if she had read my mind, Alisa shared with me her program, The Powerhouse. Without hesitation I signed up for this 30 day program in order to recharge and work through what was standing in my way.

Working with Alisa is totally worth it if you want to stop putzing around and take care of real business. She is the a supportive coach and teaches in an empowering way. Her advice is on point. Her presence, caring and enthusiastic support is the real deal.
— Zohe Felici, Zealous Event-preneur and Prosperity Coach, ZoheFelici.com