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You Are Powerful.


You Are Powerful.

About You. 

You've invested countless hours and resources into your online business and you are still not seeing results.  You have attended trainings, downloaded PDFs and tried to DIY everything....without success.  

If you've ever dreamt of re-inventing everything and creating a MAJOR IMPACT with your laptop lifestyle, freedom-based, location-independent business, then you're in the right place.  

Whether you're an overworked corporate worker bee who's dabbling with a side hustle (and can't catch a break) or someone who's always dreamt of taking an online business to 5 Figures a Month, I've got the golden key to your success.  

About Me.
I'm Alisa and I'm a Business Coach.  

I help talented people just like you grow online businesses to the tune of consistent 5 Figure Months.  I've spent 6 years honing my mad skills growing an online business from the ground up! 

I started my Social Media Consulting business during a pretty chaotic time in my life.   It began as a side hustle while working the 9-5 (which I hated). Then amidst a messy divorce (are they ever "neat?"), I sold my house, adopted my amazing and uber handsome Aussie mix, Baxter, QUIT my 9-5 (GASP!) and hopped a plane to Europe for two weeks for a break from reality.  

And I wasn't losing my mind.  I promise.  

I was resetting my brain and preparing for a BRAND NEW LIFESTYLE FILLED WITH ADVENTURES, CREATIVITY and DOGGY PLAYDATES.  But, it wasn't all sunshine and rainbows in my business.  I had little experience with the systems and nuts and bolts of running a business.  I didn't define who my ideal clients were and I worked with everyone I could.  And many weren't right for me.  Some couldn't pay their invoices, others didn't get the value of Social Media Marketing, and others cut their contracts after a month or two because their Facebook followings didn't quadruple overnight.  I was also grossly under charging, which led to a lot of self-doubt and financial stress in my little household.  

So I studied courses and tested out new systems and figured out what really works.  It took a lot of time and patience and had helped grow my business consistently month after month.

Now, I have a small team with 2 assistants and lots of great software systems in place to help my business grow even when I'm not working.  

When you work with me, you'll walk away with all the systems, tools, business practices and mindset tweaks that have helped me grow my business.  

As a Business Coach, my philosophy is to equip you with the tools and systems you will need to define and finally have Freedom in your life and in your business.  

You're ready to go after your dreams and I'm here to show you how!  


Why Do I Do This Work?

I know what it's like to run a business without direction.  As a born entrepreneur (raise your hand if you ever had a lemonade stand!!), I always knew I was meant for BIG THINGS and I also knew that I would create it and get it for myself.  I created systems and services and hoped for the best.  Some things worked and some did not and over time, my business evolved from an amateur Social Media consulting company to a full-fledged machine with a consistent flow of clients and a staff.  I created it on my own and learned a lot along the way.  

So, now, when I coach business owners, I can share what my experience has taught me.  All of the systems and tools and best practices that I use are a part of my program.  I've already done the trial and error work and now I'm happy to share what truly works with you. 

You CAN have 5-figure months.  
You CAN grow your business quickly.  
You CAN LOVE what you do each and every day! 


Alisa is a social media maven and excellent business strategist! As an owner of three businesses, I was in dire need of help and the best decision I could’ve made was hiring Alisa. It’s easy to see how passionate she is about what she does based on her expertise and dedication to stay on the cutting edge of a dynamic industry. I highly recommend Alisa both personally and professionally. She is a solid person to have on your team!
— Michelle Lee, Owner of Michelle Lee Photography and The Narrative Loft

Alisa engages her audience and explains the value of each type of social media and online strategies. She makes it fun to learn, and shows the business value of this medium. I recommend her services and training to our mastermind clients. If you need a pro who is easy to work with you will be glad you called on Alisa and her team.”
— Patty DeDominic, DeDominic and Associates
It’s hard to put a finger on exactly what makes Alisa seem so exceptional. She’s a woman of good cheer. She is of course knowledgeable about online marketing and business develooment. And she has a certain social and intellectual nimbleness that allow her to effectively, without rushing at all, be very helpful. She wants to help. And she’s fun to be around!
— John Pickerill, Ph.D. Santa Barbara