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Powerhouse Sales Secrets


Powerhouse Sales Secrets



Week 1

Learn every strategy I have used to get new clients with Facebook Marketing.  Learn revenue-generating tricks so you can feel like a total badass as your ideal clients come to you.  We will focus on Facebook Groups and how to automate your posts and where these posts should happen.  I have spent years seeking out the perfect groups with super engaged leaders whose members will bring you long term sales revenue.  

You will learn the best way to run you own group, how to provide value, how to sell without selling and also how to hit your sales goals with specific timing and copy writing secrets.   I get 90% of my clients from my Facebook Groups and I want to share exactly how I do that with you! 

Facebook Groups can quickly and easily bring you six figures, so let's get there together.  It's time for you to stop stressing about lead generation, so you can relax, knowing that your Social Media is active and generating revenue even when you're not working.  

Wake up to new messages, client payment and know that your business is handled and automated, saving you TONS of time and money.  (Boom!) 

Week 2

Let's Automate!  Selling online should NOT require a ton of your time and energy.  It should work even when you're not.  Do you have a Sales Funnel yet (totally okay if you don't), and if you do, is it helping you hit all your glorious income goals?  If you're not enjoying a Mai Tai at the beach as your Sales Funnel bring in new clients, it's time for a recharge.  We will build your funnel together or rework the one you have now.  I will review your Opt In, Email Copy and Website copy to make it work for you.  Learn the exact blueprint for my Sales Funnels and how I set them up to deliver passive income, sell products and bring in uber focused 1:1 clients.  If you're selling a service/product online, this is absolutely exactly what you need.  

Week 3

Once your Sales Funnel has brought you qualified leads, how do you get them to work with you?  It's all in the messaging.  Your Email Marketing is a HUGE part of your Sales Process and it has to be consistent and powerful.  If you're still sending out a monthly newsletter, YOU NEED THIS.  Learn exactly how often to email your lists and what to say.  Create tactile language to increase your conversion rates and use my Headline Tool to increase your open rates. I will audit your current emails and help you write copy that converts on a automated sequence, so you can spend your days in the sunshine, while your business continues to run itself.  

Learn how to draft emails, when to send and how to retarget them to address the readers actions.  For example, when a button is clicked on your website to purchase, but no purchase is made, an automated email should go to them with a friendly nudge to help them complete the sale.  

Week 4


Did someone say Facebook Ads & Messenger Bots?  Facebook ads don't have to cost a lot  and it TOTALLY different (and more powerful) than Boosting a post.  Learn exactly how to convert clients at a higher rate with Facebook Ads and Bots.  I will share my exact strategies on how to create Facebook Ads (imagery, audiences and how to monitor) so they go to your ideal audience, connecting them to a specific call to action and convert them to clients at the lowest cost per action possible.  I spent $150 on my last Facebook Ads campaign and brought in $5K in revenue.  It's simple and insanely cost effective when don't correctly.  If you have spent tons of money on Ads with little to no return, you NEED to be in this training.  

Messenger Bots are ALL THE BUZZ in the world of digital marketing and that's because THEY WORK.  They are automated, consistent and non-invasive, if used correctly.  Get the blueprint to implementing these bad boys into your marketing, bringing you more clients, so you can watch your business skyrocket while you plan your next tropical vacation.  (Insert fruity drink here.)