Soul Success Summit Retreat


Soul Success Summit Retreat


The next Soul Success Summit is coming soon! Please stay tuned for info!

Hosted by Alisa Wilcox and Megan McCann.

Hosted by Alisa Wilcox and Megan McCann.

Soul Success Summit. 

Do you dream about creating a lifestyle that lights you up and indulges your every whim?
Do you want to sit with your toes in the sand, creating your next big revenue stream?
Do you crave travel, spontaneous adventures and tools to care for your mind and body?

Soul Success Summit is a two-day retreat for ambitious, empowered women, taking place steps from the beach in sunny Santa Barbara, CA. 



about you.

  • You dream of generating a whole new level of income.

  • You no longer want to DIY your business, wasting time and resources.

  • You desire to start your days with intention and positivity.

  • You want to be laser-focused, but struggle with distraction and overwhelm. IG and FB, anyone?

  • You are ready to 10x your goals and your income. HALLELUJAH!

  • You long for balance in your home and work life, so you can spend more time with your loved ones, grow your business to the level you desire without working all hours of the day/night.

  • You need support to turn your ideas into a POWERHOUSE, PROFITABLE business. Until now, you've been doing it all yourself and are in need of a fresh perspective NOW!

  • You are WAY overdue for a dreamy beach weekend with like-minded, driven women.


About Soul Success.


We are focused on bringing you a relaxing and productive weekend, so you can take care of your body and your business.  The schedule is designed complete with Yoga, Business Building Tools, Wine, Mindset Support and some surprises!   You will find your new Biz Besties, your favorite money-making strategies and mindset tools that break old habits and lead you right to your new, super clear goals for 2018!  

We are including only Women who are ready to participate, connect and grow like crazy!   You will hear stories from women in various industries as they share challenges and successes.  The Speakers are business owners, writers, bloggers, a former White House correspondent, Coaches, creators and all around bad ass women.  

As online business owners, with consistent $10K months, we will guide you on a journey filled with tangible tools, introduce you to inspirational women and also share our juiciest, most successful revenue strategies.  

We will bring you an exact plan to start your day off powerfully and grow your business successfully.  You will leave the weekend with tools to support you long after the weekend is over.   Your new Soul Success Sisters will be your support system,  guiding you into your next level of business and clarity.  

Are you ready to learn, grow and create the next level in your business, with the beach sunshine on your face and your toes in the sand??


What to Expect. 

  • Start your day with Mindset Exercises to bring in massive income.

  • Create your Sales Funnel with ease making your website a POWERFUL, automated tool.

  • Master the art of clarity with your health and business goals and learn how to reach them.

  • Leave the weekend energized, armed with the tools to uncover your consistent $10K months.


What's included?

  • Two jam-packed days of learning, connecting and action steps, so you can stop trying to DIY your business, spending months on end with little return and lots of frustration.

  • Lifetime access to The Entrepreneur's Toolbox, a library filled with Video Tutorials that will help you improve your website, create passive income streams and market to the right audiences.

  • A Roadmap for taking your business from where it is now to a booming, revenue-generating machine!

  • Tools to create new revenue streams for your business, so last minute travel and relaxing getaways can be part of your GirlBoss lifestyle on the regular!

  • Systems to turn your Social Media into an attention grabbing, money generating machine!

  • A space to share ideas, learn new systems and bond with other women who are right where you are and hold space for where you're going!

  • A wine-infused reception so you can relax and bond with your new Sisters in Success.


Who is Alisa?

As a fellow entrepreneur, I get the journey and I get the struggle.  We spend months (or years) on the DIY track, without support, trying to find the right recipe for success.  Along the way, we get tired, gain weight, feel discouraged and almost give up...a lot!  Well, fear not, my friend.  You are not alone on this journey.

I started my company in 2010 after deciding that I didn't want so spend my days peering out a window from my cubicle, wishing for days spent traveling, discovering new adventures and using my passions to create a company that lit me up ad make me money.  Was that even possible?  YEP! 

As a Social Media consultant, I was designing and managing Social Media for small-med sized companies in 2010.  And it was awesome. I worked remotely, chose my clients carefully and finally felt free.  But something was missing...

I LOVED my company, but it lacked systems.  And it also lacked MAJOR revenue streams.  I knew I was leaving money on the table, but I didn't know how to figure out how to automate my systems and how to increase the revenue without burning out or adding more hours to my work day.  

Alisa Wilcox 9-6-16-208.jpg

So, after spending time with a Coach and implementing UBER POWERFUL AUTOMATED systems into my business, I expanded the scope of my offerings. I had helped over 100 companies create insanely powerful Social Media strategies, and the time for me to scale WAY UP had come.    

And that's exactly what I did.  I took my company and made it bigger and made it way more fun.  I went from managing Social Media for companies to teaching entrepreneurs how to work less and make way more with the exact systems I was using.  

My business allows me freedom to work from my favorite cafes, indulge in last minute travel and also to spend as much time as I want with my loved ones.  My days of sitting in a cubicle getting my fluorescent lighting tan on are wayyyyyy over and now I help business owners take advantage of technology to create more time, space and freedom in their lives.  

Sitting on the beach watching payments come in on your phone with a company you LOVE is a real thing.


Who Is Megan?


Many years ago, after walking into my tiny cubicle, getting overlooked, and feeling undervalued by my employer, I realized that things would be different one day. I thought I had landed my dream job working in the fashion industry, but it felt the opposite. I felt worthless. It was fuckin' depressing and I remember questioning my self-worth because I knew I was made for more. Things needed to change and I needed to act fast.

As a division 1 athlete, I remembered that I was happiest when I was physically active, challenged, helping people, and surrounded by community. As such, I got certified and started my own small business in fitness. Even though I had a blast working in fitness, I knew there was something more out there. As a personal trainer, there is a cap to the amount of people you can help and money you can make.  I knew I was close, but still no cigar.

I thought I needed more education to make a big impact so I went back to school to receive my Masters Degree in Counseling from USC. I started working in LA Unified School District and soon found that even though I was helping others, I was missing something. I realized that working for schools the rest of my life would limit my creativity, my income, and my true purpose.

hortly after, I started my own business working as a health coach. Through mindset, meditation, personal development, and women empowered community, I worked harder on myself than I did in any of my day jobs. I grew spiritually, emotionally, physically, and became the best version of myself.


After 2 years, I was able to fire my bosses and work for myself full time. Hell yeah! After finally seeing how many lives could be changed by my coaching, I quickly found out that empowering women to achieve their health and income goals was my life purpose.

My business has allowed me to travel the world with my husband and two little girls. In my travels, I saw the benefit of yoga and began practicing extensively throughout Bali, Costa Rica, Southern California, and Idaho. The practice of daily yoga changed my life. After receiving my 200 hour RYT (registered yoga teacher) certification, I began to incorporate yoga and meditation into my business and BOOM, I had the complete package: Mindset, health, yoga, and women's empowerment.

now run my health and wellness business with studios and centers all over the west coast. I have combined my passion for empowering women, yoga, and travel into one complete package through my destination yoga retreats, business summit, women's empowerment groups, and health transformation groups.

In my personalized 90 day "Abundance Lifestyle Business Coaching" program, I work directly with women who feel just as I did several years ago: undervalued, unappreciated and desperate to find purpose. I work with moms who are excited to quit their jobs so they can build a home based business while being present a parent. I works with entrepreneurs who have hit a plateau and are excited to finally hit their income goals ($10k+ months!). I help women reignite the fire in their work through mindset, strategy, and execution.

lthough I am pretty freakin' stoked on my business, my family comes first. I am married the rock star of my life, lead singer of High Mountain Heard, and Realtor in Sun Valley, Luc Mccann. I am also the mother of two sassy girls, Galena, and Mykala.

The Venue.

The Narrative Loft brings the eclectic feel of a downtown, second floor, NYC loft right into the heart of Santa Barbara. The venue is old-school and there is no elevator to success. You have to take the stairs.. (cue the booty workout!).  

Steps from the beach, the Narrative Loft is home to a wide range of events and passion projects.  Started as a photography studio by owner, Michelle Lee, it quickly became home to celebrations, video shoots and commercial photography.  Come soak in all the natural light, hang out in a swinging chair and let your Instagram run wild!  

Our host hotel is blocks from the Narrative Loft, so getting to and from the venue will be super easy.  

We created the Soul Success Summit as a way to bring together the feminine and masculine elements of your business for a massive impact.  We know you have huge income goals for 2018, and we have the tools to get you there.   Imagine how it would feel to attract your perfect clients with less effort and more clarity?  We will work together to remove your blocks, define your challenges and make a specific plan to get you to the next level in your business. HUGE income is well within your reach, so let us be your partners in this journey.