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Work With Me


Work With Me

Do you dream about working from anywhere and having the freedom to live each day exactly how you want to?  


Let me Ask you a few questions...

  • Is Your Business Only Making Just Enough To Pay The Bills?
  • Do You Stress Out About Failed Launches And Lost Clients?  
  • Do You Need Help With Your Digital Marketing?

Do YOU Wanna....

  • Plan your Income Strategy so that YOU can enjoy the life you desire?
  • Rest Easy Watching A Steady Flow Of Income Each Month?
  • Travel, Relax With Friends And Family And Enjoy Time For Yourself?

 It's YOUR Time To Run A Thriving Online Business, Unlock Your Cash Flow Potential And Score The Clients You LOVE In 90 Days! 

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Who Is This For?

Who Is This For?

Who Is This Program For?

  • You dream of running your business from your favorite cafe or from the nearest beach.  
  • You own a business and struggle to organize the systems you need to really get the momentum you want. 
  • You work long hours, overwhelmed by ideas, often confused about how to implement them. 
  • You have a website, that isn't bringing you the clients you would love to have. 
  • You feel like you don't deserve to make more than you ever have before. (SPOILER ALERT: YOU DO!)
  • You don't know how to charge what you're really worth or how to find clients who are willing and able to hire you at a high level. 
  • You need a big, bright, supportive cheerleader who gives you direction and accountability. 
  • You need guidance on Sales practices and how to connect with your ideal clients.  
  • You feel stressed and anxious because you aren't making what you are TRULY worth.  
  • You need help with writing copy and developing a strategy for your Digital Marketing.  
  • You are ready (and I mean REALLY ready) to put in the work and reap the rewards.
  • YOU ARE AWESOME and need guidance to determine what you are really worth and a plan on how to get it.  

Who is this program NOT for: 

  • You're not yet ready for entrepreneurship.
  • You're content with making the same income year after year. 
  • You're not fully convinced that you DESERVE a life of happiness and prosperity. 
  • The thought of working from your laptop with your toes in the sand does not sound amazing.  
  • You're not ready to Test, Test & Test again. 
  • You're not ready to DIG DEEP about what's holding you back. 
  • You're not willing to connect with your strengths and weaknesses. 
  • You're not willing to invest in yourself and reap the rewards. 
  • You're not ready to define HUGE financial goals. 
  • You don't truly believe that you are READY for freedom in your life and business.


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Program Details

Program Details


1:1 Signature Coaching Program details

 I will meet you exactly where you are and show you how to up your game and create FREEDOM in your life and in your business.  



  • Gain Clarity on Who You Want to Work with and Where to Find These Rockstars!

  • Understand What Your Ideal Client Needs From Your Expertise.

  • Learn What Systems Will Get YOU in Front of Your Ideal Clients.

  • Enjoy Working with Clients Who Appreciate Your Talents and Expertise.


  • Design Profitable and Valuable Packages and Develop a Plan to Sell Them to Your Ideal Clients.

  • Leverage Your Energy and Personality to Create Impactful and Powerful Offerings.

  • Transform Current Services into Simpler, More Profitable Products.


  • Identify What Is Keeping You From the Lifestyle You Deserve.

  • Get the Support You Need to Overcome Old Mindset Blocks.

  • Know the Value You Bring To Your Dream Clients.


  • Define the Juicy Details of Your Dream Bubble Life and Business.

  • Make a Plan to Enjoy Each and Every Day Exactly How YOU Want to.

  • Learn How to Work Remotely and How to Be Effective With Your Systems and Support Staff.

  • Develop the BEST Systems, so You Can Impact More People with Less Time.


  • Enjoy Conversations with Ideal Clients and Learn How to Close Deals with Authenticity and Grace.

  • Learn How to Ask for The Sale Without Bring Pushy.

  • Market Yourself with a Clear Brand That Speaks to Who YOU Are.

  • Raise Your Prices and Generate More Income.


  • Make a Plan to Take Care of YOU While Taking Care of Business!

  • You Deserve to Wake Up Each Day Excited for the Day YOU Designed.

  • Create More Time For YOU, Your Family, Friends and Your Well-Being.


What's Included:

  • 16 Weekly 60 Minute Coaching Sessions

  • Full Email Access to Keep the Momentum Going Between Calls

  • The Entrepreneur's ToolKit Designed to Define Your Goals and How I Can Help You Reach Them

  • Resources to Help You Learn the Best Systems and Tools

  • Specific Sales Strategies

  • Digital Marketing Resources

  • Guidance So You Can Run Your Business Naturally And Successfully

  • Constant Sunshiny Cheerleading! YOU Deserve A Life of Prosperity with a Business That Lights You Up!

Investment:  $9997

Installment Plan - 4 Payments of $2700
Only 5 Spaces Available

Why Work With Me?

Because I get you.  I understand the entrepreneurial brain and the excitement that it brings.  I also understand the overwhelm that comes with jumping from idea to idea, course to course, trying to assemble the pieces all on your own.  

Right now, you may be unclear of your next steps.  You might be tired and frustrated, not finding the right clients or making the income you want.  

A few years back, I took a GIANT leap of faith and started a business.   Since then, I have learned how to implement the right systems, hire the right team and work with the clients that make me happy to be in business for myself.  I create my own schedule, work with amazing clients, and take time out for myself whenever I like!  

You CAN have consistent 5 Figure months!  
You CAN have a business you love!
You DESERVE to have Freedom every single day! 

Investing in your business is a big decision.  And not one to be taken lightly.  I've spent a lot of time and resources on tools, systems, education and formal coaching to learn the keys to growing an online business.  Why not get support from someone who has already done the work and knows how to speed up your timeline and reach your financial goals quickly?  I know you can do this.  The Freedom you want in your life and business is waiting for you.  Let's get there together! 


What happens next?


You are amazing and capable of creating your DREAM life.  

1.  Book a Complimentary 30 minute discovery call. 

2.  You invest in transformational coaching program. 

3.  My assistant schedules your 12 coaching sessions. 

4.  We meet each week and you take MASSIVE ACTION to transforming your life and business!